Staff and Lay Leadership


The Rev. Joshua Dunham, Pastor
David Wimett, Music Director
Rob Hendrickson, Accompanist
Brian Comer, Church Coordinator
Janelly Carranza, Sacred Organizer


Kathy Dunford, Administration – Personnel
Diedre Lett, Christian Education
Moises Lumanglas, Building and Grounds
Beverley Schaefbauer, Congregational Life
Gary Stautz, Administration – Finance
Sunny Stautz, Mission and Nominating
Lily Young, Worship


Carol Broyles
Krista Harrison, Moderator of Deacons
Evelyn Pate
Anna Mary Wiater
Paula Van Kuster

Church Officers

Janet Cantrell, Financial Secretary
David Dunford, Clerk of Session
Sabrina Lett, Treasurer